Sunday, October 7, 2012

Corrupt Greenfield Police Chief

Greenfield Police Chief is corrupt and no doubt there are drugs and money involved. Starting in January 2012 he has conspired with known drug addict , Jennifer Cullinan, who is a drugs addict, suicidal inform mother who lost custody of four children spanning over 23 years, and known drugs addict. Desire Belmore. The Greenfield Police Chief, Brain Giarimmino is committing corrupt practices, conspiracy and Official Oppression. 1. January 6, h.2012.conspires with Desire Belmore and Juan Belmore to have Donovan removed from Maurice Belmores home. 2. February 20, 2012 allows Jennifer Cullinan to walk after a criminal hit and run on Donovan. When Donovan asked Chief to forward investigation to State Police, he refused. 3. July 2012 Desire Belmore IS told in front of three Police officers by property penetra Maurice Belmore to stay org his property and later rent a certified letter the same. Police Chief REFUSES to charge his with criminal trespass When he continĂșe to go on Maurices property. October 5, 2012 Desire Belmore armed with a dangerous weapon, air gun, shoots at Maurice Belmore and Patty Donovan at Maurices place of work. Corrupt Chief of Police does nothing. This is the end of the road. We go state wide with the corrupt practices of this crooked Chief of Police.